10th anniversary of Dr. MAGNET Kramáre


In 2012, one of the most advanced magnetic resonance centres in Slovakia was established – Dr. MAGNET Kramáre. At this workplace, we diagnose using a high-performance and high-quality PHILIPS 3.0T Ingenia Omega HP machine, which, thanks to updates, uses the latest sequences and software procedures.
In 2022, we are proud to say that even after 10 years, we are still working on ourselves and taking care of our patients at a high level technologically, professionally, and most importantly, humanly.
Happy 10th anniversary, we wish you many more successful years and happy clients. 🥳

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MR na Slovensku

MR Žilina Recruits Radiologist – MR Specialist

We offer a competitive salary combining fixed and variable components with interesting employee benefits and perks. Main job description: Performing specialized activities in radiological diagnostics,

MR na Slovensku

10th anniversary of MR Žilina

This month the MR Žilina magnetic resonance department celebrates its 10th anniversary since its foundation. 🥳The unique technology of the SIEMENS MAGNETOM Spectra 3.0T MR