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MRI at Ružinov Clinic

Magnetic resonance Dr. MAGNET Ružinovská poliklinika is located directly in the premises of Ružinovská poliklinika, a.s. in Bratislava. An erudite team of medical professionals with many years of experience in the field of radiology diagnoses through a modern PHILIPS Ingenia 1.5T Omega HP machine, whose unique technology allows for high quality image and imaging diagnostics. The device thus guarantees the use of inventive techniques and clinical applications in order to provide the most accurate imaging diagnosis for patients and physicians.

  • Dr. MAGNET magnetic resonance workplace Ružinovská polyclinic performs all standard examinations of the brain and spine, thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavity, musculoskeletal system and vascular system of adult and pediatric patients and many advanced (extended) clinical applications
  • examinations are fully covered by all health insurance companies
    possibility of examination also for self-payers on the basis of standard procedure and prices according to the price list
  • appointment for the examination also via online application on the website
    the unique digital technology of the MR system ensures high image quality, optimised workflow with more examinations per day, optimised system design (with an opening width of 70 cm, length 162 cm) ensures greater comfort for patients weighing up to 250 kg
  • the unit is connected to the Teleradiology Communication Centre (T3C), through which it is possible for collaborating medical institutions and outpatient clinics to send images or findings electronically, free of charge and in a secure manner (outpatient physicians who are not part of the T3C will be able to access the image documentation through the TomoCon Lite solution)
  • Dr. MAGNET implements the EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system in the provision of healthcare in the field of radiology with a focus on magnetic resonance imaging
Philips Ingenia


The PHILIPS Ingenia 1.5T Omega HP delivers superior image quality thanks to its integrated, high-performance gradient system, while providing many special clinical applications.

  • Adult and pediatric brain imaging including diffusion weighted imaging (DWI), venous Bold (T2*, SWI), isotropic 3D brain imaging with T2 and T1 weighting with use for detailed morphology assessment for preoperative neuronavigation, fusion with PET and volumetry
  • full spinal canal imaging by performing a multislice, multi-position scan with DWI and myelography

Musculoskeletal system

Special dedicated coils for different parts of the body together with the “dStream” digital technology of the device allow imaging of cartilage, tendon, ligament and bone marrow lesions with excellent resolution
the workstation is equipped with a special dedicated coil for the examination of the knee of the highest category available

Vascular system

non-invasive examination of the vessels of the brain using non-contrast techniques, including CE-MRA (4D – TRAK)

Abdomen and pelvis

differentiation of focal and diffuse liver lesions, pancreatic lesions, also quantitative determination of Fe in the liver


MR enterography, MR fistulography in the pelvis

MR of the rectum

focal lesions of the kidney, nodules and bladder
prostate pathology with complete diagnostic capabilities (DCE – dynamic contrast enhancement, DWI, MRS)
diagnosis of uterine and ovarian diseases

Dr. MAGNET team at Ružinov Clinic

The workplace equipped with modern technology has been in operation since 2020. Several years of experience are reflected daily in the professional approach of the entire staff. Examinations and the entire course from the patient's admission to his diagnosis is provided by a team led by the head of the department, MUDr. Patrícia Lakomej.

MUDr. Patrícia Lakomá

Head Doctor

MUDr. Miroslava Smreková


MUDr. Imrich Borský


MUDr. Ľubomír Melicherčík, PhD.


Mgr. Marek Olekšák

Radiology technician

Marek Jakub

Radiology technician

Zuzana Selecká

Nurse / Receptionist

Katarína Schwarzová

Nurse / Receptionist

Adriana Šimonová

Nurse / Receptionist


Patient appointment

The patient will be contacted for an appointment.

Documents for download

Download questionnaires, application forms and price lists.

For referring physicians, we also offer convenient and free access to their patients’ findings, including the ability to view key images marked by the describing physician during diagnosis or download the complete study. More at


Dr. MAGNET s.r.o.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Department
Ružinov Clinic (yellow building)
Ružinovská 10
820 07 Bratislava


Phone: +421 2 32 111 162

If you can't reach us right away, please leave a message or send us an email.

Operating hours

Monday - Friday:
7:00 - 19:00

Issuance of results

The results are ready for collection on the seventh working day after the examination.

Results and images are also available online at - the patient area.

Where will you find us?

Our workplace is located on the first floor of
Ružinov Clinic.

How do you get to us?

Before your visit, we also offer you a
virtual opportunity to visit our workplace.